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Birthdate:May 13
Youngest child, and only daughter, of Finarfin of the Noldor, Galadriel was born in Valinor while the Two Trees still grew there. She travelled to Middle-earth at the beginning of the First Age with her four brothers. In Beleriand, she went often to the halls of Thingol, (to whom she was related; Eärwen her mother was Thingol's niece), and there she met Celeborn.

After the War of Wrath and the destruction of Beleriand, most of the Noldor returned to Valinor, but Galadriel and Celeborn remained in Middle-earth. After the loss of Amroth in 1981 (Third Age), Galadriel and Celeborn became Lady and Lord of Lothlórien, and there they dwelt until the end of the Third Age.
- Encyclopedia of Arda

Hello. I am Galadriel. Bringer of Death. Squee.

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